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Nathan Gerbe

2008-05-07 22:02:03 by Tluck-Person

That's a 5'5" package of wallop in a hockey player right there. Runner up for the Hobey Baker award in college hockey?!?! The Sabres just signed this guy to the maximum rookie contract ($2 million, 3 years). They have great expectations for the kid.


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2008-05-07 22:22:38

Hobey baker's haven't been very accurate when it comes to spotting quality hockey players.

Also, wayyyyyy too small. Even marty st louis - one of the smallest players in the league - has 4 inches on gerbe.

(Updated ) Tluck-Person responds:

People said that about Briere after he passed waivers. Seriously, this kid is tough. To be quite honest, though, I put more faith in Tim Kennedy. I have a lot of faith in Gerbe, though, too. Once again, you are right. He is short, so I guess we'll just have to see.