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Streetlight Finally Getting Regular

2008-09-09 22:32:58 by Tluck-Person

Streetlight's coming out with some music within the next year (hopefully, give or take Tomas' time to perfect the whatevers). It was out on the Streetlight and Pentimento site today. Excitement is settling in, but I'm thinking it might be some covers of some things they've been doing at shows. I guess we'll see, but I'm gonna be seeing them October 11th with the Bosstones. Hopefully they break out some new stuff.

Streetlight Finally Getting Regular


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2008-09-09 22:39:26

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2008-09-10 11:17:30

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2008-09-22 14:46:09

I'm sorry.

Tluck-Person responds:

It's ok.


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